Established to create high impact life changing opportunities for people called to Business


The Business as Mission Training Team, was established in 2008 to serve the growing business as mission movement, through training, coaching and consulting. In 2021 we launched BAM Training Ltd to provide in-depth training, resources, tools, and field-based programs, designed to support BAM’s diverse community along their path to launch, manage, evaluate, and enhance their BAM strategy.

Our heart is to cause a revelation … Revealing how God can equip and empower every business to be a force for positive change in the world. In so doing, helping communities rise out of spiritual, social, environmental and physical poverty.

Our team consists of business professionals, discipleship makers, entrepreneurs and Christ followers committed to serving a great diversity of professions and cultures.

Those we serve share common characteristics including: a desire to learn and be equipped both practically and spiritually, a hunger to be used by God to further His Kingdom and a need for community, fellowship, and support on their own journey.


David Skews

Andrew Plummer

Andrew has 20 years of recruitment and executive search experience working internationally with some of the world’s largest companies including T-Mobile, BP and Maersk. He has a heart for social care & justice along with a passion to worship God.

David Skews

David Skews

David is a globally connected entrepreneur and business developer, serving in the BAM Space for 20 years. Working with BAM Training since 2009, he sold his business in 2014 to dedicate his life to the extension of the Kingdom through business.

Mark Plummer

Mark Plummer

Mark has been working in the BAM Space for more than 20 years, at the heart of all he does is a passion to see people move forward and be changed. He enjoys the challenge of creating win-win opportunities through relational business processes!

David Skews

Neil Denley

Neil is a business builder and entrepreneur at heart, working across education, training, recruitment and the third sector for many years. He excels at creating partnerships and business opportunities through his incredible woo and communication skills – applying his talent to BAM Training since 2015.

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