The Lausanne (LCWE1) 2004 Forum Business as Mission Issue Group worked for a year,
addressing issues relating to God’s purposes for work and business, the role of business
people in church and missions, the needs of the world and the potential response of
business. The group consisted of more than 70 people from all continents. Most came from
a business background but there were also church and mission leaders, educators,
theologians, lawyers and researchers. The collaboration process included 60 papers, 25

cases studies, several national and regional Business as Mission consultations and email-
based discussions, culminating in a week of face to face dialogue and work. These are some

of our observations.
We believe that God has created all men & women in His image with the ability to be
creative, creating good things for themselves and for others – this includes business.
We believe in following in the footsteps of Jesus, who constantly and consistently met the
needs of the people he encountered, thus demonstrating the love of God and the rule of His
We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers all members of the Body of Christ to serve, to
meet the real spiritual and physical needs of others, demonstrating the kingdom of God.
We believe that God has called and equipped business people to make a Kingdom difference
in and through their businesses.
We believe that the Gospel has the power to transform individuals, communities and
societies. Christians in business should therefore be a part of this holistic transformation
through business.
We recognise the fact that poverty and unemployment are often rampant in areas where the
name of Jesus is rarely heard and understood.
We recognise both the dire need for and the importance of business development. However it
is more than just business per se. Business as Mission is about business with a Kingdom
of God perspective, purpose and impact.
We recognise that there is a need for job creation and for multiplication of businesses all
over the world, aiming at the quadruple bottom line: spiritual, economical, social and
environmental transformation.
We recognise the fact that the church has a huge and largely untapped resource in the
Christian business community to meet needs of the world – in and through business – and
bring glory to God in the market place and beyond.
We call upon the Church world wide to identify, affirm, pray for, commission and release
business people and entrepreneurs to exercise their gifts and calling as business people in
the world – among all peoples and to the ends of the earth.
We call upon business people globally to receive this affirmation and to consider how their
gifts and experience might be used to help meet the world’s most pressing spiritual and
physical needs through Business as Mission.
The real bottom line of Business as Mission is AMDG – ad maiorem Dei gloriam – for the
greater glory of God